The Problem

For most people, pets are a fundamental part of their life. But life is full of changes, and occasionally people face situations that force them to relinquish their beloved animals. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), the main reasons for people to get rid of their pets are: sickness, poverty and relocation, among others. 


Our Solution

Meant to be, is an app that can connect dog owners who need to give their pets in adoption to people who are looking to find the perfect dog. It begins with a quiz that will match the lifestyle and need of a person to the perfect dog. It is like a for dogs!

The app: 
- Allows the dog owner and adopter to talk to each other directly
- Matches dogs and adopters based on a test about their lifestyles and personalities
- Reduces the burden on shelters


How it Works:

A quiz helps us understand the dog's needs as well as the new owner's needs so we can have a better match. 


The Prototype